Chairman Message

Payman Zahedi

Having seen the global geopolitical changes of the 90's leading to the opening of the new markets to the west and having been through the unbelievable boom of the 2001-08 and the subsequent economic meltdown that took its global toll, one wonders as a company, what measures should have been taken and what strategies pursued from the beginning to be able to maintain a well oiled and functioning company throughout the highly competitive years that will follow?

I strongly believe that companies who went under and the ones, who have barely managed to survive, had lost their focus on their core competency.

During the boom years, as the demand was at its peak and supply way behind, many companies expanded exponentially, without proper planning and strategy, they grew beyond themselves, and once reality hit the economy, they had no means of competition to survive.

At UDA Group, our core competence has always been “realizing trends and opportunities, research and planning and strategic alliance with local partners “that has always been our competitive edge, with this in mind, we ventured into Marine Services in Iran and we are growing our already well established luxury retail into new frontiers in fashion and a well planed franchise and distribution system in central Europe by the end of 2011.