Group Profile

Welcome to UDA Group
UDA Group of Companies was founded as a private entity as early as 1992, Operating in the Middle East for more than two decades, UDA has expanded into emerging markets of Central Europe with a planned expansion into Africa.

UDA has strongly established itself in Hong Kong, Iran, UAE & Hungary strengthening its presence in other countries.

Today UDA controls divers leading business entities from Property development to Distribution, Retail, Fashion and Marine services with a planned expansion into franchising of restaurants and coffee shops, with each entity operating as an independent profit center .

UDA’s proven track record is based on the ability to identify business opportunities that correlate with the organization's core competence areas and execute business plans in the most optimal manner. UDA's business decisions are made on the basis of well-researched long-term prospects and sustainability of shareholder value.

UDA typically invests in businesses that have a high growth potential and are within its physical market’s and regional access.

UDA’s business strategy is to merge global successful business model with the local culture of every market in which it operates.

The group understands the nuances of operating under difficult and complex markets and has a competent personnel placed in these markets, UDA is replicating its own business models in successful regional markets in new territories.

In a phased and planned manner, the group is poised for healthy growth in the coming years and is well positioned to consolidate itself as a pre-eminent business house.